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Frequently Asked Questions in regards to purchase of currency at Dinar Exchange:

Q1. Why should you purchase Iraqi Dinar from Dinar Exchange?

  1. Local Australian company
    Oz Trading Group Pty Ltd
    Australian Company Number: 158 981 787
  2. Guaranteed timely delivery.
  3. Certificate of authenticity with every order.
  4. Live chat and phone support to track your order.

Q2: How do I know I am buying authentic Iraqi dinars?

The new Iraqi Dinar notes have been designed in such a manner that it is very difficult to copy.
The security features of the new Iraqi Dinar include: 1. Watermark
2. Metallic Ink
3. Security Thread
4. Color Changing Symbol
5. Imbedded Ultra-Violet Marking
6. Raised Ink Writing
7. Special Currency Paper
8. Serial Numbers

Q3. How my Iraqi Dinar will be shipped?

After you have completed your online order and made the payment, your Iraqi Dinar will be shipped via registered post to your nominated shipping address.

Q4. How soon I will get my Dinar after placing the order?

As soon as we receive the payment, you will receive your Iraqi Dinar within 7 to 10 business days.

Q5. Can I buy Dinar on reserves?

Currently, we do not provide the facility to buy Dinar on reserves.

Q6. what are the payment methods?

You can pay Dinar Exchnage for your order using these secure payment methods below:
1. Poli
2. Paymate
3. Bank deposit
4. Money Bookers

Q7. Will I receive circulated currency or uncirculated ones?

We provide uncirculated currency. So, you will only receive fresh, brand new notes from Dinar Exchange.

Q8. Is purchasing Iraqi Dinars legal?

Yes, purchasing Iraqi Dinars is 100% legal and we source the Iraqi Dinars from a federally registered broker.

Q9. Will the Iraqi Dinar be revalued? When? How?

Iraq has abundance of natural resources. The potential Gross domestic product (GDP) and the natural resources at Iraq’s make it an extremely strong economy. Studies indicate that Iraq has the second largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world. Some even believe that Iraq actually has the largest oil and gas reserves. The production cost of oil in Iraq is vey low because of low impurities and hindrances in drilling as the oil is close to the surface. Iraq also happens to possess extremely fertile land and supplies of fresh water, something which is normally not found in Middle Eastern countries.

The value of Iraqi Dinar might increase in the immediate future. US economy in the meantime has weakened and Iraq’s has grown. There is a high chance that the increase in the exchange rate will coincide with the reduction of military force of the USA present in Iraq. Chances are also high that an appreciation might take place just before the Iraqi elections. Many international organizations such as IMF and WTO are working with Iraqi government to bring forth Iraq’s financial system to the rest of the world. It is believed that Iraqi currency will soon be available for trade openly in the international market, which will only lead to greater economic stability to the region. As for how high the evaluation of the Iraq currency would be, some conjecture can be made in this regard. A sudden high growth is quite possible given similar circumstances in the past. This valuation could be anything between the values of 0.01 US Dollars to 1.49 US Dollars. Once this first evaluation is complete chances are there will be more steady progressive growth in the future. This steady growth will prevent an international financial rush. With a steady increment, it will form a limit on the exchange rates in the Iraqi Dinar as many would keep their Dinars expecting further growth. This constant progress in the appreciation of the Dinar will allow for the formation of a free fling market as some investors will sell their Dinars as others hold on to it while some will purchase expecting bigger returns.
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